Enza, Katipunan

1. Since i just had my pedicure, I’ll blog about a store I tried a few hours ago.

Enza Nails and Spa in Katipunan is cheaper than the two other nail and spa salons in that building. Pedicure with polish costs about 150 pesos. The ambiance was okey. It was raining hard and their dim lit facilities made me yawn several times.

The seats were nice. It was comfortable and “spa-like.” However, their service was not as superb as it seems. Some of the attendants were inattentive and “slow.” I was asking how much will I pay if I wanted a foot spa and she just looked at me as if I am talking Hebrew. As the other girl finished coloring my nails, I noticed that my left toe nails were longer than my right. hmmm. Below is their finished product. The discrepancy was not so obvious. I’m just obsessive compulsive.

I just used my cellphone camera to take pictures that’s why it was not so clear. Anyways, I will probably try another salon to compare with their services.


5 thoughts on “Enza, Katipunan

  1. Was at Enza Nail Spa Katipunan with my daughter today Dec. 29 at around 3:30 pm and was so disappointed. There was only 1 customer and yet we waited 10 minutes with our feet and hands soaked while the staff were chit-chatting in the pantry on the pretext of “preparing”. To top it off, their dark, lanky, dirty looking cashier was all over one of the chaise lounges (nakahilata) and worse was wiping the throw pillows on her face. I asked her if her boss allowed her to do that and she answered I’m a cashier and yes, she’s allowed to do that. Yuck. We promptly left after taking her picture (which I’m more than willing to email to her boss) and moved next door to Nail It, very nice, very professional. Sadly we used to like Enza, now, goodbye forever.

    • I noticed that also! Their staff was slouching on the couches when nobody’s around – even eating while comfortably seated. Disappointing really.

  2. Nice nails, bessy! 🙂

    By the way, make sure that you maintain this by writing about anything! It will keep you sane. 🙂

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