Bolinao, Pangasinan

Bolinao, Pangasinan

We went to Bolinao thinking that the place was nearer than Baguio. We were wrong. Being first time travelers, travel time by land took 7 hours. We were driving slower than usual. But the trip was amazing! Seeing almost all the places in Pangasinan was just nice. The weather was clear and we were up for the adventure.

but i guess i’m not sooo happy with the hot weather

There is also a light house (Cape Bolinao) which stood 351 ft. above sea level. It was just majestic. It is found in Baranggay Patar, which I think was the farthest baranggay in Bolinao. It was old but it gave the scenic view above. The light house looks like the ones shown in the movies. You can go here by renting a tricycle which costs about 50 pesos (for the round trip).

So we toured around the rough road area looking for a place to stay. It was tiring since the other resorts were far from the entrance of the baranggay. Our contenders being Treasures of Bolinao (7/10) and Puerto del Sol. Treasures was nearer to the public beach (white sand beach). The inn also has a great view. But the premises was just old and the rooms were substandard. So by adding around 1k for accommodation, we opted to stay in Puerto del Sol. (Click to go to their website)

for inquiries, visit:

It is a great resort with nice amenities like kayak, pool, jacuzzi, gaming facilities etc. Their staff was accommodating and the stay was just a perfect start of our getaway. We had free simple breakfast which was 10/10 also.

And to top everything else, they also have a fantastic view – both sunrise and sunset. Although not a beachfront, it was just a perfect place to think, relax and meditate. Don’t you think?

I will definitely go back there after the bar!


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