Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things

4. Last week, we had a two-visit buffalo craze at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things located at Ortigas Home Depot. We ordered their promo, Pound-for-Pound (buy one pound  buffalo wings and you get yourself a free pound of your choice!) Amazing huh?

Buffalo's Wings N' Things

During our first visit (which was the first day of their promo), I just had one pound (half pound with free half pound) of buffalo wing’s in firehouse classic sauce (my favorite!). This sauce just satisfied my cravings for hot and spicy food. I tried Nuclear before but I drank lots of water with every bite (can’t take the heat!).

Another great thing about their wings was that it’s tender, juicy and has the right amount of seasoning. This is a certified barkada foodtrip. Best to eat it with friends over bottles of Antonov Vodka, Gilbey’s Premium or Tanduay Ice. Sounds like a 10/10? You bet it is!

On our second visit,  it seems like the mechanics of the promo have changed. First order should be one pound. Thus, I was compelled to order two pounds of chicken (one pound with free one pound). I ordered their non-spicy favorites: Garlic Parmesan and Honey BBQ (half pound each). I didn’t like the Garlic Parmesan but loved the Honey BBQ. That sauce has the right sweetness and flavoring. I recommend it as a viand. I would love to eat it with rice. Hmm. Maybe I should take out a pound of this sometime soon. Yumyum!

Their buffalo wings are best enjoyed with their dirty rice (brown rice with onions and tomatoes), fries, or their dressings especially buffalo ranch (my favorite!).

I’m considering the option of franchising this business but I just have no time to inquire (maybe after the bar). I heard that there’s a franchising event at the SMX Convention Center until Sunday and they’re feature Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things.

Honey BBQ


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