Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Just this week, the Philippine Department of Tourism launched their new tagline “It’s More Fun In the Philippines.” To follow the bandwagon, I will be posting much of the other things we saw (and conquer) in Pangasinan last year. After enjoying a comfortable and breat-taking Bolinao, we went to Alaminos.

Our Hundred Islands trip was definitely an adventure. It proved how fun island hopping could be especially if you want to complete that “hundred” islands. But it also made some remarkable lessons for us not to repeat in a trip (ever!)

We arrived in Alaminos (from Bolinao) around lunch time. We decided what to do with the help of the tourism authority but it was hard planning considering the number of “fixers”  trying to meddle with your decision. Eventually, we gave in. Stressed as ever, we decided to go spend the night in a tent in one of the islands (Yes! We were that adventurous – but this one’s a wrong decision). This is just to make the most out of the trip. We spend roughly 3.5k for the boat rental, tent rental, snorkeling equipments etc.

And so we took off and explored the islands. Before we camped in Governor’s Island, we explored in nearby mounds like Quezon Island, Marcos Island, Children’s Island, Turtle Island etc.

When night fell, we had a lot of time to ponder about whatever and whichever. But  pondering didn’t took too long. It was too windy that day that the sand started entering the tent. After an hour, we can feel that the tent is being carried away by the wind (us included). By 10pm, our tent broke! That’s what you call malas. We were forced to evacuate in a nearby structure and stayed there for what seems like an eternity. We so eagerly waited for the next day to island hopped again.

And so we toured the rest of the islands, did some pearl diving (?!) or snorkeling (which is a first for both of us) and just took time to enjoy the place. I did enjoy the second day of our stay since I was able to conquer my fear of drowning while trying new water or underwater activities.

It was not a 100% fun experience but we learned a lot. First, check the materials you rent. Since it’s for rent, there might be some defect. Second, if you’re new in the area, don’t try to camp out and rent a tent. Expect a sleepless night if you do.

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