A Trip to Tagaytay and Sonya’s Garden

Going up to Tagaytay, Cavite has always been a family Sunday tradition. The fresh air, cool ambiance and breathtaking scenery had since won the hearts of my parents. I wish we could own our place there (with a pool of course!).

It’s a great destination for a short vacation since it’s just a few hour drive from Manila.  From South Luzon Expressway, you have to exit Sta. Rosa and turn right. The spot is also a popular family outing choice. There are a lot of transient homes, vacation houses, swimming pools, resorts and villas for rent.

For those who have never been there, the image above has the world’s smallest volcano, Taal Volcano. It’s that small mound in the picture infront of a bigger island and surrounded by the Taal Lake. One can clearly view it in Tagaytay amongst other tourist spots like People’s Park In the Sky, Tagaytay Picnic Grove and the Pink Sister’s Convent.

Driving further down the city lays a garden our family *superduper* loves. Sonya’s Garden!

It’s a garden perfect for weddings, retreats and any other intimate occasions. You just have to look for that signage pointing to a narrow street. It’s located deep within Alfonso, Cavite. They have bed & breakfast, a spa, and a few organic shops.

What’s best about the place is that they offer the best tasting buffet salad (with fruits like mangos, langka, pineapple, melon etc. and other salad condiments) + pasta (your choice of red and white chicken sauce) + bread (with white cheese and other organic things which I can’t remember what) for just 610 per head! I super love their salad dressing and bread! I can just swear by them. They serve the perfect meal – healthy and organic – with desserts like sweetened kamote, turones and chocolate cake. Their ingredients are picked from the garden outside so you know its fresh. This food experience will just make you realize that being a vegetarian’s possible.

The meal is definitely a healthy feast.  You’ll definitely not regret eating more and more and more!

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